US Stringer Wood Pallet Nailing Machine

The nailing machine designed with adjustable size and structure which is suitable for different pallets with different structure and size. It can meet production for multi production. Also for materials request not much strict,non-standard still available.


Brief introduction:

  1. The automatic wood pallet nail machine equipment including auto stacking platform, wood pallet lifting device and flip picking device.
  2. High Degree automation, smooth closely process, complete nailing and stacking in one time.  

      3. The whole machine uses full automatic system, PLC control, simple           touch screen operation, accurate pinning position with high efficiency

Technical Parameters:

Product name

stringer pallet making machine   



Working mode

manual feeding, automatic nailing and stacking

Operation mode

PLC Control

Pallet Size


Operational mode

Pneumatic operation

Voltage and  power

 380V  three-phase  2kw  Servo motor

Air pressure


Tank size

0.2 cubic

Nail gun speed

7 times /second.

Production effciency

3 tray /min

Apply a nail

Less than 80mm




Host machine 2283*1899*2320mm 

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