A Flexible Way to Make Wooden Pallets

Last year,one of my clients sent us a requirement to make a list of advantages and disadvantages of the wood pallet nailing machine from us.In order to compete with other offers,I made a list as follows.


1. Our technology on wood pallet nailing machine has been developed for a long time and is mature now.

2. Our wood pallet nailing machine is customized as customer’s needs.The machine can produce regular pallets and special pallets.

3. This machine is very flexible and adjustable.If you need to make more pallet specifications in the future,this machine can do it by adjusting,you don’t need another machine.

4. This machine has some tools to prevent deformation.That means different kinds of wood is ok with this machine.

5. About nails,different nailing machines may have some requirements on nails,we can make the machine as the nail sizes you commonly used.


1.Our wood pallet nailing machine needs a few workers to feed the material,it is semi-automatic.

2.If your workers are not familiar with our machine,it may takes time to adjust the machine to make another size.Under this case,we serve removable parts for you without charging money to make it easy to adjust.

About Total Cost

1. The price of the wood pallet nailing machine is quite cheap now.Because we are just beginning to explore the foreign market.The domestic market is already hot.

2. About installation and testing,if you need us to install the machine and train your workers in your factory for the first time,we can send workers to your factory.

3. About replacement parts,for vulnerable components we can sell you some extra one at the cost price before delivery.

4. If you want to come to factory for visiting or testing the machine,we welcome you warmly.

About after sale service

1. If any problem with our machine,you can find us anytime by email,whatsapp or phone call,we will solve your problem at first time.

2. If you need us to solve the problem in your factory,we can send our workers there.The detailed terms can be discussed on the table if that happens.

About Market

1.Many pallet manufactures in China use our nailing machines in their factory,we can show you if you want to visit them.

2.We have one set euro/block pallet nailing machine to Spain in production now.When the installation is finished in his factory,it will be another place openning for visit.

If you are looking for a solution to make different types wood pallets by machine,please contact us for offer.

Welcome To Our Company Hope We Can Have A Good Cooperation.